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I made a pretty long post on HSG today about how my sburb class (Heir of Mind) would work, so I’m gonna repost it here for future reference, and if anyone else is interested.

An Heir is a passive class, likely part of the “Change” paradigm along with the active Witch. An Heir invites change in, or through, their aspect. John, an Heir of Breath, invites change in the quest and direction of others (here’s a really good post about it if you want to read more http://bladekindeyewear.tumblr.com/post/36797950396/breath-blood-and-the-flow-of-reality).

Mind is a really neat aspect itself, though to be honest I find its inverse, Heart, to be more interesting. Heart and Mind are major themes in how homestuck characters are structured: Heart can be considered the “soul” of a person, though that’s simplifying it a little bit; it’s much better to say that Heart is comprised of the unchangeable parts of a persons “core” personality, things that cannot be changed, regardless of even which universe a person is brought up in! Dave gives us a good example of this - in his Heart are things such as the Ben Stiller shades and, of course, his magnum opus, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Regardless of universe, Dave naturally gravitates to these things - aspects of his Heart!

Mind is the opposite - it is the parts of ourselves that CAN change - it is composed of the choices we make and their effects on reality. The best example of Mind in homestuck that I can think of is Terezi’s choice to kill Vriska - as her Seer visions showed, Terezi had the ability to either let her go or stab her. Killing Vriska was not an immutable part of who she was at her core - it was a choice she decided to make!

Combining this, an Heir of Mind is one who invites others to change their choices, but not one who invites change in the soul; They present choices that other people may not have considered - and Heir of Mind would enjoy playing the devil’s advocate, even for a choice they didn’t necessarily agree with! However, an Heir of Mind would be ineffective at changing anything about a person’s soul - they would be unable to dissuade John’s love of pranks or Rose’s love of wizards, to use an example.

Anyway! That’s what my homestuck class means. Hope you all enjoyed that.

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