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So the recent update (the wizardy herbert one) cleared up something I’d been wondering about for some time now! It has to do with the Light/Void connection.

 The Light Aspect is a tricky one to really explain; the fall-back explanation for it seems to be that it encompasses “information,” but I’m of the opinion that it covers something else, as well. Light, you see, is the narrative. 

Light is the flow of a story, the twists and paths the narrative can take to get to its outcome. A Seer of Light, Rose is able to see the available pathways that the story can take and choose the one with the most fortuitous outcome! Vriska, a Thief of Light, was known for taking up so much time in the story - she was stealing narrative influence from other characters - specifically, Tavros, one of the original 4 patron trolls, pre-Act 5, before (in terms of the story’s progression) Vriska supplanted him as a patron!

And isn’t it fitting that Doc Scratch, a being who operates through light -


 would literally take over the narrative progression of the story?

While this was easy enough to piece together, I always remained puzzled about how Void, Light’s inverse, could have a connection to the narrative. That is, until Wizardy Herbert.


The characters of Herbert and Beatrix in Wizardy Herbert have a unique view - they are aware that they are immersed in a narrative. Roxy, as a Rogue of Void, had stolen away the character’s obfuscation of the fact that they were in the story - and here lay the connection between the two aspects! Light is the path of the narrative itself, while Void is blinding the participants (the characters) of the path itself!

And now that we have a character who has the narrative at his literal fingertips…


The Light and Void plays - the Lalondes - are going to become important indeed.

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